Career Strategy Coaching Program

Like A Personal Trainer For Your Career
Develop Your Career Strategy & Execute Your Plan

7 Stages Of Your Program Journey

1) Personal Diagnostics
We discuss your Pathfinder results and assess your personal situation. We probe your current challenges and key factors that need to be considered.
2) Clarifying Your Why 
We ensure you have clarity on your values so that you know your own benchmarks for success and what will really satisfy you. We get a better picture of who you are as a person and your true needs.
3) Set Your Goals
We select the goal posts to work towards. We identify the big mountain and the small steps to get up there. These key milestones will form the backbone of your overall strategy.

4) Construct Your Strategy
We map out all the possible options you can use to achieve your goals, as well as preparing for and working around the obstacles you can see in the way. We shortlist the best options to explore and their requirements.
5) Finalise Your Plan
This is decision time when you commit to certain choices and execute on them. This is the start of the feedback loop that we build into your plan. We tackle your fears and anxieties head on. You start working towards the first goals and steps.
6) Optimise Your Plan
We assess your progress against the options you’re working on and tweak your approach. You get Naomi's ongoing support in figuring out how to optimise your next steps. This is also where you will be challenged and pushed to not fall back into old habits. 
7) Progress Checker
We use a mini Pathfinder-style assessment once a month to measure how you’re getting on. You can use this feedback as an objective measure of your progress against the goals you set.

Career Coaching Sessions

  • Session Length - 60 minutes per session
  • Number Of Sessions - 6
  • Location - Video call (Skype/Zoom) or phone call if preferred for maximum privacy and convenience
  • Schedule - We recommend one session every 2 weeks, making it a 12 week schedule. This can be changed based on the participant's requirements/calendar to give you flexibility

BONUS #1: Master CV Guide & Template

  • Discover the true purpose of your own fully customised Master C.V.
  • Learn how to create CV content that gets interviews even if you don't know where to start
  • Download the ready made C.V. template that is tried and tested for securing interviews at companies like Apple
  • Save hours of your time creating your own version from scratch and guesswork by using the template based on years of feedback

BONUS #2: Priority & Goal Setting Framework

  • How to set and achieve any goal with a solid plan
  • Learn the repeatable goal setting framework used by elite executives all over the world
  • Find ways to improve yourself so that you achieve your goals even if you have massive doubts in your abilities
  • How to go further by consistently making the changes you need to succeed
  • Uncover how you can do more and grow so that you avoid hitting the ceiling and feel like you matter

Got Questions?

Still have questions? Want to talk with Naomi directly about whether this is a good fit? Book a chemistry call with her:


What is your Money-Back Guarantee?

If after your first one-to-one coaching session you feel the program probably isn't going to be beneficial for you, we will happily refund your entire program fee. This removes all the risk from trying out the program before finally committing after your first session.

What happens next after I sign up?

You will receive login access to the program course page where you will be given the next steps to finish your onboarding, followed by the scheduling page where you can book your first session when ready.

What if I want to purchase the program but don't have the full amount now?

While paying for the program outright is the most effective choice as it means you will hold yourself accountable by committing, we provide the monthly payment option to help spread the cost over 3 months to make the program more accessible.

Can I expense a coaching program?

Very often, yes. Many companies view this kind of personal development program as a worthwhile investment as it helps you become more focused, productive and motivated. It would be worth asking if your company will cover the cost as part of your training or development. We would still require you to pay yourself as you are our client. That way, there's no conflict of interest should you decide to leave the company.

What payment options do you take?

We take all major debit or credit cards, including American Express. Our payment system is SSL secure via Stripe.


" Prior to working with Naomi, I lacked complete confidence in my career, skill set, and even found it difficult to define simple goals. 
In a short time, Naomi has been able to provide insightful guidance and enable me to not only define my skill set, but to discover my goals and vision for my career. She has provided me with effective tools to define the career path I have been seeking for a long time, including changing industries. I feel empowered to proactively take the steps necessary to achieve my ultimate vision, and achieve a sense of fulfilment. "
Sydney - Dept Head, Business Development
" As soon as I met Naomi, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She listened to all my challenges and helped me rationalise them. She gave me the confidence to raise the issues I had in a constructive way and to realise that whilst I was not able to control the outcome, I could deal with some elements - and therefore to focus on controlling the controllable and stop worrying about the areas out of my hands. 
 She gave me techniques to set goals and identify the important steps to achieving them, a framework of how to address a significant issue more constructively and I have a renewed energy as a result of our sessions.
 I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone who is looking for a coach to guide them, whether it be a personal or career issue, she will listen and support you, whilst giving you the tools to take control of your situation and to be accountable to yourself and your own needs. "
Emily - Finance Director
" I came to Naomi in a state of deep frustration and regret with my current career.

In a short space of time she was able to help me focus in on what it is I want to do and what actions I need to take to get there. 

I now feel invigorated to pursue a new direction and am much clearer on the steps I need to take. I now look forward to what the future holds! "
James - Founder, Fitness Business

Free Chemistry Call

Speak with Naomi personally, find out more about the program from her. She can spend 20-30 minutes discussing the options with you and customising it to your needs.

About Your Facilitator

Naomi is an EMCC & CIPD accredited coach and facilitates our programs.
Naomi was the first in-house learning & development lead at the HR consultancy Lane4, working alongside olympic athletes to support clients like Kraft Heinz & TUI.
She also designed training at the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award for both young and adult leaders.
No stranger to change, Naomi left a previous career in international development behind and also fully overcame an accident that broke her neck.